Harmonic Mint Color Dinning Room and Soft Earthy Tones for the Home of Your Dreams

Combining colors for their harmony can result in more predictable and monotonous combinations, but more harmonious and enjoyable.

In decoration there should be no rules, let’s see, which we may like more or less, but who are we to criticize the choice of one color or another on the walls such as a kitchen or sofa? nobody, we can like more or less, we insist, will fit better or worse in our day to day and with our personality, but there is nothing ugly or beautiful, it all depends on the color with which you look and the particular taste of each.

This is something that we have learned and assimilated after many years of decorations and interior design, we have learned to respect, admire and put ourselves in the skin of the other to better understand certain combinations and decorations. And not only in the world of interiors but also in fashion, art, music, etc. etc.

To us this dining room, in soft harmonic colors – mint, white, light wood and black inspires the Nordic skies and calms us, it seems a perfect place to dine quietly with our friends, but for others, we are sure it will be a dining room boring, without energy, or stimulating. Is that why ugly or pretty? no. Something ugly or pretty is always relative – watch out! that we don’t talk here we don’t talk about dirty, badly done, messy, broken with mold or any other aspect that has to do with hygiene or safety, we talk only about aesthetics.


There are hundreds of colors to satisfy us all, so we like to value a decoration thinking about its user ‘look, this dining room is perfect for someone who is calm and does not want much fuss at home’ better than ‘than ugliest thing, eat there it must be cold and boring ‘you see where we are going right?

We wanted to comment a little more about this criticism of a place or a decoration, because now, there are many free trials and criticisms on the networks, nothing constructive, that seem impolite to us most of the time, which rather demonstrate some intolerance and ignorance, instead of contributing something interesting. what do you think? Do people criticize excessively without being asked or without analyzing something with some empathy or do you think it is not?

We leave you while you think about it with the floor tour that you will surely find some interesting corner or idea.












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