Golden mirror: selection tips and 9 ideal inspirations

Regardless of the style, the golden mirror is always on the rise. And there’s a reason for that. The golden mirror brings sophistication and elegance to environments while being able to adopt different decoration styles ranging from modern to classic to rustic.

And to help you choose the ideal gold mirror, we’ve brought some tips and inspiration in this post, just have a look around.

How to choose the golden mirror

Did you know that choosing a mirror goes well beyond its shape? Consider the following tips to make a good choice, after all, the mirror is not just a decorative element, it has two other important functions.

The first is to make sure your reflection in the mirror is sharp enough when trying on and testing looks. Another essential function of the mirror is that it helps diffuse the natural light in the environment and promotes a sense of spaciousGlassGglass quality

Note the quality of the mirror glass. It cannot show any bubbles, streaks or other distortions. If in doubt, check the thickness of the glass. Generally speaking, the thinner it is, the more likely it is to present a distorted image. Ideally, the mirror should be at least 6mm thick.

Large mirrors designed for full-length viewing tend to have more distortion, so this thickness rating becomes even more important.

Big or small

The choice of mirror size depends on your aesthetic and functional needs. A large mirror allows you to see youatelf in full length and helps to amplify and brighten your surroundings.

The small mirror, on the other hand, takes on a decorative rather than a functional function. However, this does not limit the functionality. It all depends on where you want to install it. So before making your choice, ask yourself what your real needs are.

Ideal format

Round, square, rectangular, oval, organic. There are numerous mirror format options to choose from.

The difference lies in the decorative proposal you want to give to the environment. Linear models, like square and rectangular, are always the best options for modern and minimalist environments.

The round and oval ones propose a more classic and romantic decoration, especially when accompanied by frames with ornaments and details. Those with an irregular organic shape look gorgeous in striped contemporary decor.

Do you want ideas on how to use the golden mirror in decoration? So, check out the 9 ideas we’ve selected below and get inspired:











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