Gold In Your Interior- 18 Stunning Design Ideas

Ever since the times of the Egyptian pharaohs, it symbolized the sun and the deities, and today it is associated with precious metals and wealth which bears, golden color was and has remained a symbol of luxury, power and prestige. Because of all this, it is often associated with luxury classic interiors, but can perfectly fit in modern spaces.

Gold belongs to the group of warm colors. Similar to yellow, it illuminates the space and it brings serenity and optimism. It perfectly combines with burgundy, dark blue, dark purple and black. Also, when it comes to the festive ambience, perfectly can be combined with decorations in green and red.

However, in its use you should be careful not to exaggerate or to apply the “golden middle”. If you are prone to experimentation, best advice is to insert it into the decor with cushions, lamps, vases or picture frames.


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