Furnishing a duplex: the most beautiful achievements of architects

Always atypical and often poetic, the duplex apartment cultivates a charming appearance with its additional floor sometimes in the mezzanine. How to renovate a duplex apartment? How to arrange, furnish and decorate this apartment with a floor? Here are our most beautiful creations made by interior decoration professionals.

On one or two floors, with a charming mezzanine, and a staircase of character, the duplex apartment continues to be a dream habitat. When you are looking to enlarge the space, create a landmark under the roof, or enjoy a high ceiling, the duplex is there.

What is a duplex apartment?

Who says duplex says double living area? Explanations. The duplex is an apartment designed on one or even two levels. Its ground floor is generally dedicated to the living rooms, living room, and kitchen, while the upstairs rooms, accessible by an internal staircase, are most often reserved for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices. In the case of an apartment with a ground floor and a basement, we will speak of a flexible.

Whether a large open-plan duplex with a mezzanine or a small duplex apartment with a classic floor, this architectural configuration cultivates the advantage of being atypical and highly sought after for its decorative potential and its generous light. when it is located under the roofs in town. Because what could be better than enjoying city life while having the impression of living in a real dream house?

Why is the style of a duplex staircase so important?

The duplex apartment is characterized by a unique layout where the staircase plays a fundamental role in the layout of the premises. Its presence also draws the style of the entire duplex. Metal staircase for an industrial loft atmosphere, wooden staircase for a country house spirit in the city, seventies staircase for an assumed design interior: its shape and material will determine the atmosphere of the place.

In addition to its aesthetics, the staircase is likely to overplay functionality by acting as a storage space with a series of built-in cupboards in order to gain additional storage space or, on the contrary, to free up floor space and promote a demanding minimalism by favoring a suspended form.

More than the staircase itself, it is this space of passage that must imperatively be perceived as an asset to reinforce the feeling of a highly controlled decor. When the duplex opts for a wall staircase and not a central one, the space can be transformed into a library corner or a vast white canvas to hang a series of decorative frames, canvases, and other arty marvels. A way of involving the staircase fully in the composition of the decor.


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