Focus On All The Decoration Trends To Follow In 2022

After a half-hearted year in 2021 where the French shared their time between confinement, curfew and the beautiful season in total freedom, 2022 also promises to be full of surprises, not to say uncertainties… The universe of once again, decoration cannot escape uncertain events. Events that determine, inspire and renew the universe of creation.

The 2022 decoration trends thus take the pulse of this era in search of lightness and freedom. They reflect a thirst for renewal and fantasy in interiors. A necessity even to counter the ambient gloom from the outside. Far from the refined wisdom of the Scandinavian decorations that were so in vogue at the dawn of the 21st century, the 2020 decade takes on sometimes very contradictory desires and seems to want to reconnect with the eccentricity of well-targeted past decades. Between a surge of bright and shimmering colors, a string of raw materials , deployment of organic forms and growing eco-responsibility , the decorative universeasserts in 2022 its highly necessary character to embellish daily newspapers turned upside down by the news.

Trending colors in 2022

Able to define a decor, convey a mood or confirm a style, colors are more than ever on the offensive in interiors. More simply appreciated on the walls or in small touches on the household linen, they deploy their energy with dexterity on the furniture. Green designer sofa , carmine red screen , terracotta dining table… In 2022, colorful furniture confirms its growth.

The color trends of 2022 announce an assumed and invigorating color palette, and thus distance themselves from the neutral and pastel shades that still dominated decor a few seasons ago. At the head of this tribe of essentials, brown , terracotta , carmine red , orange  take their place. Colors with strong identities and energetic characters that borrow heavily from (again) fashionable decorative styles: Art Deco and the Seventies in priority.

Another shade, however, comes to qualify these inclinations for colors with strong ambition. The Pantone Color Institute, the global color prescriber, has chosen a shade with a more temperate but no less whimsical character by making PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, the color of the year 2022. A blue a priori very wise but which by its proximity to violet confirms the use of color as a lively and joyful resource encouraging courageous creativity and imaginative expression.







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