Flea Market: Cult Objects Not to be Missed!

Spring is not only the season for public holidays and the return of sunny days, it is also the return of flea markets and garage sales! This very fashionable activity in recent years has continued to grow with the arrival of online flea markets and other Instagrams dedicated to Chinese art, and also on objects that can improve your home decor. A return to the grace of second-hand objects also cultivates the art of negotiating pretty things at low prices, a detail that is clearly appreciable in times of inflation. Determined to continue walking the aisles of flea markets and other neighborhood garage sales to find good deals.

Rattan sun mirror

Inspired by the witch’s eye mirror, the rattan sun mirror comes straight from the 1950s and is a classic that you never get tired of! The ideal? Find a collection of rattan mirrors for a bohemian and luminous decor.

The apothecary bottle

With their round shape, their amber glass (most of the time), and sometimes their labels and their scholarly names written in pen, apothecary bottles are still (more or less) easily found in flea markets and garage sales. At home, it is installed in the bathroom to leave it in its element or in all the other rooms where it can accommodate flowers and other grasses of the pampas (the vase option is perfect if you have found a bottle without a cap).

Vintage plates

Impossible to pass by them in a flea market without examining them on all sides! The vintage plate is particularly popular to invite itself on the tables of the moment. Guarantee of a successful table, the vintage plate likes to match with other old or new models. We are primarily looking for plates with flowers or graphic motifs from the 1930s and 1950s for an assumed country effect.

Stoneware coffee mugs

If the mug has not gone out of fashion – rest assured – the stoneware cup seems to steal the show. Easy to find at flea markets, this little cup with an extra cup please has the gift of making the coffee break full of style when you receive it at home. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find a coffee maker. Completely chic and authentic!


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