Fitzrovia Apartment by Kia Design in London, United Kingdom

Project: Fitzrovia Apartment
Architects: Kia Design
Location: Fitzrovia, London, UK
Area: 1,539 sf
Photographs by: Anna Stathaki

Fitzrovia Apartment by Kia Design

Kia Design has completed their work on a newly built apartment in Fitzrovia. The design revolves around the client’s love of the Fendi Casa collections, containing a designer kitchen, a spacious living area and an existing modern bathroom.
The focus was mostly on the lounge areas, the bedrooms and the hallway. One of the challenges was the lack of space for all of the required amenities, but the end result is absolutely stunning.

The brief for this project was to furnish and decorate a newly built 3 bedroom flat in Fitzrovia with solid, sophisticated furnishings throughout, giving a sense of highly comfortable, luxury living. The design aesthetic stemmed from the client’s love of the Fendi Casa collections, employing a neutral palette and refined materials, with strong accented tones and layered dressing, and selected artworks. The apartment contained a designer kitchen with integrated appliances, a spacious living area and modern bathroom which we didn’t touch. Instead we focused on the living spaces: the lounge, the bedrooms, and the hallway.

You would like to think that purchasing a property in a luxury development in Fitzrovia would mean that you would have space for all the ‘normal’ amenities. However, you would be wrong. These bedrooms were tiny, so small that it was essential that we went for bespoke beds. We had to fake the headboards in the smallest bedroom with a textured wallcovering, as we couldn’t spare 8cm to be able to put a padded headboard in.

Thankfully we didn’t have the same kind of problem in the master bedroom. It had its own dressing area as well as a balcony and ensuite. The challenge with this room was creating the extra large headboard in a way that meant it would fit up the stairs and into the property. It worked out really well and accentuated the space available in the room. It also has all the electrical sockets built into it for complete control of the lights from the comfort of your bed. The living-dining space is bathed in natural light, so we needed something exceptional to dress the windows in. We love a good colour palette, and the lounge colours for this project were a joy to work with. The colour palette was a combination of purples, gold and lilacs against dark Macassar ebony woods.

Kia Design


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