Find the Perfect Wall Décor Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We continue gazing at the stars, this time with a focus on the wall decoration. Time to take a closer look at which detail you should decorate the wall with – according to the stars.

Decor and zodiac signs continue to entertain. Previously, we took a closer look at what colors to decorate with according to the stars, along with interior details in general. Now let’s get back to the details, this time focusing on our walls and what objects should find their way there based on your horoscope.

Here is the interior detail you should have on the wall – according to your zodiac sign:

Capricorn 12/22 – 1/19: Tactile detail

Capricorns have a penchant for comfortable living environments characterized by fluffy textures and soft surfaces. The comfort is spot on and you’re not afraid to pair your big fluffy rug or tactile sofa with soft walls. A hanging textile or tactile detail increases the warmth of the home and gives the space in question a comfortable environment.

Aquarius 20/1 – 18/2: Creative lighting

Aquarius appreciates a unified canvas, which in turn is pitched with statement details in contrasting designs. They like to experiment with lighting and like to invest in a wall version. Try an unconventional shape, a color that stands out from the rest of the setting, or an innovative material choice for a pop effect.

Pisces 19/2 – 20/3: Graphic wall sculpture

There is at least one element of the maritime spirit in the fisherman’s house. Either you take the given path to invest in blue, or you add shapes reminiscent of the sea. For you, the ultimate wall decoration is a playful sculpture with a playful flair. They are drawn to the graphic, wavy, and last but not least creative.

Aries 21/3 – 19/4: Own creations

Aries love to create contrasts, preferably through their own personal works. What you select and hang on the walls is often signed by yourself or a close friend. Finds and inheritances also fall into good soil. Create a gallery wall with multiple objects or let a favorite take center stage.

Taurus 20/4 – 20/5: Mirror arrangement

The Taurus has a clear picture of his homeland. You like a timeless and simple jumpsuit but often try to incorporate more trendy elements. By mounting one or more mirrors on the wall in a well-put-together arrangement, you get a stylish detail that doesn’t overwhelm you. Vary the number and size of mirrors depending on the desired result.

Gemini 21/5 – 20/6: Discreet shelf

Few zodiac signs appreciate Scandinavian minimalism as much as Gemini. Sophisticated style is right up your alley, preferably with only neutral color choices and earthy materials. Place as little as possible on the walls and rather invest in a simple shelf in a more compact format.

Cancer 21/6 – 22/7: Stylish lamp

Cancer is hardly a stranger to creative interior design. When it comes to the small details of the home, you like personal items, preferably in an uplifting color or unique shape. Your charming living environment is enhanced by playful lighting on the walls. Get a smaller candle holder with an uplifting design.

The Lion 23/7 – 22/8: Art as an eye-catcher

Leo, like Taurus, values the neutral base. You are not afraid of colorful elements but stick to the uniform. The perfect compromise for you is the art of spelling. Either you opt for a highlighter, several smaller works in a curated arrangement, or a toned-down alternative. Experiment with exciting patterns or contrasting colors.

Virgo 8/23 – 9/22: Generous storage

Practical and authentic interior design is important to Jungfrau. Natural furnishings, from furniture to small objects, form a common thread in your home. Spacious storage appears everywhere, not least on the walls. Welcome to a solution to help you collect the green favorites, literature, and objects you hold dear in your home.

Libra 23/9 – 22/10: Candlelight

Libra appreciates the warm home. You want to reinforce the atmospheric atmosphere in the form of comfortable furniture and cozy light sources. Experiment a lot with candle placement this season. Opt for a stylish light installation at wall height, optionally with one or more components.

Scorpio 10/23 – 11/21: Futuristic detail

Shimmering silver, metallic and sober. At least one detail (but often more) in the House of Scorpio is futuristic, and the same goes for your walls. For you, the detail of the season is a wavy sculpture, a shimmering detail or a sober black object with a sharp impact. The detail brightens up without detracting from the overall style of the home.

Sagittarius 11/22 – 12/21: Eccentric find

Sagittarius loves to look back and be inspired by maximalist decades of interior design. It doesn’t have to mean letting go completely, because Scandinavian is your thing, but you like contrasts. Let one of your nostalgic flea market finds or auction jewels find their new place on the wall.

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