Features And Tips When It Comes To Minimalist Decor

If minimalism could be defined in just one sentence, that sentence would be “less is more”.

Most likely you’ve heard this before and it’s no wonder. This phrase is super famous and has never lost its contemporaneity. It won the world at a time when modernism was on the rise in Europe and the person responsible for saying these words was the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, professor at the Bauhaus and one of the first to introduce the idea of ​​minimalism in architecture and design.

Want to find out more about minimalism? So come follow this post with us, we can assure you that this is a movement that goes far beyond black and white.

Minimalism as a way of life

Nowadays, however, minimalism has moved out of the field of design and architecture to gain lifestyle status. There are currently thousands of people who identify themselves as minimalists, that is, who have abandoned any excesses in their lives, including the way they live, eat, dress, and socialize. All this is in favor of a simpler and freer life.

But then, is minimalism a vow of poverty? Contrary to what most people might think, minimalists do not take vows of poverty, nor do they sleep on the floor in an empty room (unless they want to). Minimalism is nothing more than an agreement with itself to reduce and rethink consumption habits.

Minimalism in decor: how to create minimalist decor

You may be very identified with the minimalist style, but you can’t practice it in your home. And do you know why? The answer to this may lie in their habits and lifestyle, as the minimalist aesthetic needs to talk, first, with their values, and only then spill over to the external environment.

So don’t try to force things your way if you’re the type who loves a knickknack or a wall full of pictures. And, understand, there’s no problem with that. What is not possible is wanting to enter a box where you do not fit just to follow a trend of the moment.

But if you’ve already adhered to minimalist thinking, then the following tips may help you create an environment within this proposal. Check out:

  • Eliminate excess decoration by starting with everything that is not necessary or that does not add function to your daily life. Do you mean you can’t have anything decorative? Of course, you can! But choose a few pieces and, preferably, those that are most meaningful to you.
  • Use neutral and light colors for decorating.
  • Straight-line furniture is welcome.
  • Choose a material and follow it to the end. It can be wood, glass, or stainless steel. Just give preference to one of them and stick to this proposal so as not to generate excess information.
  • Prefer geometric prints in neutral colors and light, soft fabrics.
  • Do a lot of research before you buy anything and be sure of the quality of what you’re taking home, even if it means spending a little more.
  • Retractable and built-in furniture are perfect for minimalist styling, especially in small homes.

Check out the following 10 ideas on how to adhere to the minimalist style in decor and architecture:












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