Details Are Everything- 5 Ideas For Complete Change Of Your Home

Our whole life revolves around the space we live in, and it is therefore extremely important that it is pleasant and beautiful. With the advent of the new season, we also get new inspirations, so we want to make some changes in the home. The effective change is of course the refreshment of the walls with an already existing or new color, and the visible difference can be made by the details such as lamp, picture, new curtains, shelf or greenery.

So, this season we are waiting for a multitude of new, but also some old trends that do not change. Read our following post and you will see that everything is in the details. Check out below, and transform your interior with the help of some small details.

1. The warm shades of pink color this season are also popular. Combine them with neutral tones of gray and beige color.

2. Two toned curtains give a dose of luxury in every space.

3. Opt for indoor plants instead of the classic flowers. Enter freshness in any room.

4. Find a cool lamp that will not only brighten, but also will refresh the space.


5. Choose a nuance that will dominate the room and highlight it with gold or silver details.




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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