Design objects that you don’t see everywhere

Despite the fact that trends are often sources of inspiration, we tend to turn to the same things when we want to add more color or texture to our homes. This is why we have compiled a list of 5 of our favorite non-trending design objects.

Although we can easily customize our home’s interior, if we have the same objects, the resulting image might not be what we intended it to be. To give our home a unique and original look, we have selected five design objects that are not commonly used.

The table mirror

A table mirror is a great addition to any living room or bedroom, as it can be used to decorate the coffee table or the bookcase. It has clean lines and elegant looks that will catch the attention of everyone.

The Flambeau candlestick

The Flambeau candleholder is made from a combination of silver and gold, and it features a silver or gold backer, which reflects the light from the candle. It’s a beautiful and functional object that will bring a bit of sweetness to your evening.

A ceramic signed Raawii

Danish ceramics brand Raawii offers a variety of beautiful products, such as vases and cups. The company’s products are known for their minimalist and vibrant designs.


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