Decorative Ideas For Tidying Up The Laundry Room Properly

So that simple tasks such as laundry or ironing are not synonymous with drudgery, the laundry room remains a very practical room. If this technical space does not necessarily find a place in a dedicated room, it can be satisfied with a few square meters in a simple alcove in a bathroom, a cupboard in a hallway, or a corner of the garage. Find out how to organize your laundry room and optimize both space and your time. 

A laundry room was installed in a corner of the bathroom

You don’t have to think big to plan a laundry room at home. A corner of the bathroom can be enough to have the bare necessities for the care of linen. Washing machine, high shelves, decorative storage boxes, space reserved for the ironing board, the whole hidden behind an openwork partition door like a screen wall, and voila for storing all technical equipment with efficiency and style!

A laundry room with vertical storage

Not all of us have a dedicated laundry room. Thus, you have to be cunning to optimize every corner of the house. Indeed, if the floor space is limited, all you have to do is create a vertical laundry room! Use high storage, overuse shelves, hooks, and baskets and you will get a laundry room worthy of the name and resolutely saving space. Don’t forget to invest in a stepladder, which will allow you to reach the highest shelves in the blink of an eye.

A laundry room stored in a hallway

Difficult to plan a laundry room in an apartment? This technical room may well be able to be installed in a sufficiently generous cupboard such as the one which generally accommodates the water heater in an entrance or a hallway. Rather than transforming this available storage space into a dressing room, reserve it to integrate a small laundry room. A high shelf for storing cleaning products, a worktop for folding laundry, and a washing machine placed below it will be more than enough to furnish this very practical surface. 


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