Decorating The Home With Indigo Color

When you choose a base color, it is easy to create many different versions and shades within the same color. All you need to do is to combine this color with neutral colors, in lighter or darker shades. When it comes to decorating interior design, blue is always good choice. For that reason, today, we present you one fascinating shade of the blue color- the indigo color. This amazing and authentic shade is very popular in the world of interior design, while some designs in indigo color are a long-term favorite to many people.

This famous, but again fresh form of the blue color, means that indigo color is already a key part of some interiors with a bolder choice of colors. You can find many indigo furniture pieces, indigo accent wall, indigo carpets and pillows, etc. However, even the smallest accents such as soap dish, handles for drawers or pillows, can also make a significant impact. Painting of a single door or a pair of window frames in shades of indigo, brings a new light on the white walls. Including all different finishes, ranging from matte to high glossy materials, indigo color can help in providing specific charm in every space. See some proposals below, and you might get inspired to refresh your interior with indigo accents!


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