Decor Ideas Of Tables For Small Apartments

Small apartments require creative, practical, and, of course, beautiful solutions. But what about when it comes to a table? It seems like one thing doesn’t fit the other, right? Not exactly.

A table for a small apartment needs to be well planned and handpicked to ensure comfort and functionality, without compromising the aesthetics of the environment.

Sound like a challenge? Calm down, because it’s not! Proof of this is this post full of tips and ideas to help you choose the ideal dining table for a small apartment. Check out:

How many chairs do you need?

Speaking of chairs, how many do you need in your house? Two, four, six? Remember that the more chairs, the bigger the table must be to accommodate all of them. For a couple that often receives visitors, a 4-seat dining table for a small apartment is ideal. A round table with a diameter of one meter can easily accommodate four chairs. A rectangular table needs to be at least 1.40m x 0.90cm for that many chairs.

Enlarge using light colors

If the apartment is small, then the best thing to do is to opt for tables and chairs in light and neutral colors that help visually expand the environment.

The glass top is also a good tip for those who want to create a feeling of spaciousness in the space.

It doesn’t have to be all the same

To ensure a modern look in your apartment, it is interesting that the chairs do not match the table. Like this? And that classic outfit that is sold in furniture stores? So he’s very classic. Try breaking out of this pattern and choosing different dining table chairs. But to make no mistake, keep harmony.

That is, choose chairs of the same material as the table, but in different colors, or even chairs of the same color as the table, but in different materials. That way you maintain visual balance.

Want more small apartment table ideas? So come see the following beautiful inspirations that we separate below:











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