Decor Color of the year 2023

The feelings that accompany the color of the most varied brands in 2023 are the joy of life, the connection to nature, the quest for a sound mind, and the prospect of new discoveries.

It has become customary for several paint brands and color system reference businesses to announce their predictions for the upcoming year every year.

The world will adopt these hues as the new standards for design, dΓ©cor, and clothing as they convey the feelings and experiences required to conquer obstacles.

How is the year’s color selected?

The year’s color is not selected at random. Companies perform worldwide trend surveys, usually under the direction of designers and behavioral specialists who keep a close eye on global events all year long.
The subjects discussed for determining the color of the year vary from company to firm, but they all center on the issues that are up for discussion internationally. They serve as the basis for color selection.

Color of the Year 2023: bet by the main brands

Color of the Year 2023 Pantone – WGSN

In order to bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual one, WGSN decided on the hue Digital Lavander for the year 2023. It is a serene, comfortable, and mellow shade of purple. In spite of difficult circumstances, stability and calm are expressed by color, according to WGSN.

The color Digital Lavender offers a mental “cleanse” while also reflecting today’s emphasis on wellness and self-care. Color also supports gender inclusivity, one of the most hotly debated topics in today’s society.

Color of the Year 2023 Pantone – Sherwin Willians

Meu Caminho SW 9081, a warm and rosy neutral tone, has been selected by the company as the color of the year 2023. It is said to stimulate new vistas and discoveries.

Anyone seeking a calming, cozy, and welcoming interior and exterior will find the color to be a natural choice.


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