Dark Scandinavian Apartment You Will Immediately Love

In these months in which the exterior in much of the world turns dark in the early afternoon, the interior of the houses also. That we like light colors in summer and dark in winter, in fashion and decoration, is no secret, it is in tune with our mood and with the season of the year.

It is difficult to separate yourself from this perception, which is why we like dark interiors better for winter. Be careful, when we say dark, we think of the color range of furniture and accessories, but homes must be well lit to create pleasant and comfortable environments.

It is quite a challenge, we know it. Opt for a dark decoration and that our home does not look like the house of a Gothic XD (the urban tribe, we mean), but you can get, look at today’s example, a fairly small apartment, only 39 m² in size in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This particular black kitchen opens to the living room, separated in turn by half a glass wall, is a very well-thought-out option to make the most of the space and natural light, since the entire studio enjoys the light from the 3 windows. The decoration is therefore dark, but the house enjoys good natural light.

What do you think of this version of the darkest Nordic style? elegant right?










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