Custom furniture: Get to know the most important advantages and properties

To plan or not to plan? That is the question. If you are building or renovating, this doubt is probably hanging over you. And not for nothing, there are numerous reasons to choose planned furniture and countless other reasons to give up on them.

So what to do? To help you solve this hurdle, we list the biggest pros and cons of planned furniture. Check out the list and decide once and for all if this is the ideal solution for your home:

Advantages of custom furniture

Fits everywhere

The biggest of the biggest, the number one advantage of a planned piece of furniture is that it adapts to any environment of any size. This is even more beneficial for those who have small property, which is becoming more common in big cities. So if you’re short on space, you should put this advantage over any disadvantage, because only with a planned setup can you fully enjoy the surroundings of your home.

Variety of finishes

Another great advantage of custom furniture is the immense range of colours and materials that companies work with. For example, if you want a purple and yellow cabinet, it is possible. In addition to the variety of colours, you can also choose the types of hinges, sliders and handles.

Professional help

Most custom furniture stores have the support of professional designers who are responsible for creating the furniture and thinking about the functionality of the space.

Disadvantages of custom furniture

High costs

The first thing people think of when planning furniture is usually the price. And indeed, the costs for a planned piece of furniture are high. But compared to the benefits, this item loses strength. So weigh everything very carefully on the scales and remember the famous saying “cheap can be expensive”. It’s better not to pay to see it.

Longer delivery time

Custom furniture stores usually take longer to deliver orders than conventional stores. On average, the delivery time varies between 30 and 45 working days. So you already know: if you decide to buy a planned piece of furniture, you must hold back the fear and wait for the deadline indicated by the company.

Separate the wheat from the chaff

There are currently thousands of custom furniture stores on the market. Some are big and well-known, others are small and without much prestige. But know that size does not equate to quality. Therefore, the tip here is to do a lot of research before completing the order in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially non-compliance with the delivery deadline. Look for information on social networks and websites like Reclame Aqui. And when in doubt, look for a new option.


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