Curtains and blinds: this is what is worn to dress the windows of your house

Curtains and blinds are essential to dress up a home. Even if you are lucky enough to have no neighbours or a beautiful view of the sea or a natural landscape, the curtains gathered on one side can frame that beautiful view and the blinds, even rolled up, can hide the blind boxes. Whatever the circumstances of your home, or your windows, there are many reasons to choose curtains. Besides aesthetics (a house without curtains or blinds is incomplete), curtains control light, improve thermal insulation and are now even able to improve the environment with their air-purifying function.

But apart from the good reasons that make us want to complete the house with curtains or blinds, these trends are not alien. So if you want to make the right choice, we will tell you what the trends are in the industry.

The fact is that covering your windows with natural fabrics is part of this trend that appreciates raw materials and fabrics, despite their disadvantages. Although you need to make sure they come with a wash (or wash them beforehand) because linen will shrink and the stains on this fabric won’t come out even with polyester blended fabrics, it looks nice and natural at home. When the light reflects on it, it enhances your fabric.


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