Create a Cozy Double Bedroom with These Stunning Color Combinations

As a retreat and relaxation room, the double room requires special attention when it comes to decoration. After checking the room’s dimensions, the next task for any decorating project in this environment (even before choosing the furniture!) is to choose the color palette.

Because the colors we use to decorate an environment greatly impact how we feel when we’re in it. For example, blue is associated with calm and confidence. While green is the color of nature, hope, and health, orange represents energy and enthusiasm.

Start by defining the number of colors in your palette

What colors cannot be missing in the decoration of the couple’s cozy bedroom? The number of colors can be limited to just one if you want a monochrome space or want to compose a greater variety of colors. For a single environment, choosing up to 5 colors usually works well.

Choose the colors that will be part of your palette

And if you have doubts about how to combine different colors, the color wheel is a good tool. This tool, also called the color wheel, represents in a simplified way the colors perceived by the human eye.

  • Primary colors, i.e. colors that are not created by mixing other colors. They are: yellow, blue, and red;
  • Secondary colors are created by mixing two primary colors. They are: green, purple, and orange; and also
  • Tertiary colors are obtained by mixing a primary color with a secondary color.

It may even seem complicated at first glance, but the arrangement of the circle makes its use quite intuitive. You can choose between analogous colors that are next to each other in the circle. Or go for more contrast and choose complementary colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Another option is to draw an equilateral triangle to find three complementary colors broken down.

It is worth noting that white and black are colors that do not exist on the color wheel. So if you want to include both or one of them in your decoration, reserve a little space in your palette!

Find the perfect shade of each color

In the color wheel, we find the colors in their most vivid states. But when we talk about creating a palette, it’s important to talk not only about color but also about tone.

The tone has to do with the amount of light that is present in that color. The more light, the closer that color is to white, and the less light, the closer that color is to black. Therefore, from a single color, we can create a huge range of colors, from the lightest to the darkest. And that makes it possible, for example, to decorate an environment with a single color. The different tones combined guarantee depth and balance in the room.

In the double bedroom, lighter tones are important to ensure a more relaxed and calm environment. The darker tones can be used both for contrast and to make the environment darker. It all depends on the style with which the room will be decorated.


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