Cozy Style Mae With Textiles

For a change and without being a precedent, today we bring you a home that has large curtains on all the windows, even in the kitchen. It is a small 47 m² second-hand apartment, with a new, renovated kitchen and bathroom and a renovated wooden floor with white paint.

Despite the size, it does not prevent it from having beautiful decorative details, such as that well thought out and coordinated use of textiles with the color of the walls and furniture. Some people do not have curtains at home, however, we love to see how they are in others, they dress a lot, and depending on the color or pattern and type of fabric they can change the appearance of a room a lot.

Look at that kitchen with the chandelier, the bench with lambskin, the paintings with natural motifs, and the sideboard, as they give a classic and rustic touch to that Nordic decoration, without forgetting the wonderful natural light that enters through the window and the freshness provided by the trees.

The curtain? Well, yes, we have doubts that a curtain this large is practical in a kitchen, but if it works for the owner, then nothing to object to.

It is a very cute apartment, because in addition to the kitchen being very secluded and cute, the living room and especially the bedroom, is tiny, but very cozy with that set of textiles and the bed under the window, so fresh. Do you like the decoration?








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