Colors to Make Your Bedroom More Welcoming and Warm

A neutral and earthy color palette, natural-fiber textiles, natural wood furniture, and plants, is a combination to follow if we want to make our bedroom a warm and welcoming space.

The shade of brown that was on the walls of this bedroom, it would be brown or chestnut brown. In any case, you can see that it is brown with a red dot, intense, alive, and very warm.

The contrast with the white-painted wooden doors, windows, and high skirting boards and the ceiling with that rosette is spectacular. It serves as the perfect setting for the few pieces of furniture that make up the bedroom: the bed, a small desk in a corner by the window, the console that doubles as a nightstand and a designer chair, the Wishbone CH24 by Carl Hansen in a corner to leave clothes at night.

The most important linen, cotton and chenille textiles, both in bedding and in carpets, provide that extra warmth, softness, and comfort. You can ignore many things in the decoration of a bedroom, but never textiles, which must be in harmonious colors and soft textures if possible, natural fabrics for a better rest.

The rest of the apartment is also wonderful, don’t miss the living room and children’s bedroom, just as stylish as the master bedroom and full of ideas to inspire you.













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