Colors and Their Meaning

It is not surprising that color can affect the state of our mind.Β  Which colors best affect our mood? When you equip the room, you should not determine the color only on the basis of whether you like it or not. Try to imagine how you would feel about the color that will surround you all day. Sometimes the colors that are currently attracting you, are not the best long-term choice. We need to pay more attention when choosing the colors of bedding, carpet and walls in the living room, because they have a much greater impact on us. The best choice is neutral and natural shades, not vibrant colors. Natural colors emit completely different vibrations from artificial versions.

When choosing the color of carpet, walls or something that occupies a large part of the room, you need to know exactly what kind of atmosphere you want to make. Relaxing? Formal? Romantic? Get to know the meaning of some of the basic and most commonly available colors:

Orange: rich, benevolent, happy

Yellow: intelligent, stimulating imagination, friendly, warm, beneficial, clear

Green: color of life, soothing, balanced, natural

Blue: soothing, calm, stable, cold, complementary

Purple: magical, mysterious, supernatural

White: spiritual, pure, energetic, independent, exalted, ethereal.

Keep that in mind the next time when you are decorating some room in your home, and decorate it according to fit all your wishes and needs.


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