Colorful and Lighted Stockholm Attic Apartment

Having sunlight just filling your own apartment is something that everyone longs to have; sunlight really makes us happier and enlightens our souls; not just out apartments. If you want to get inspired by a lighted apartment and see how great it looks, check out this attic apartment found in Stockholm; sunlight enters this apartment from everywhere, and the best thing about it is that it is full of colors that make the whole place cheerful. There’s no way you can feel depressed while staying in an apartment like this, the combination between these cheerful colors and sunlight is perfect. The perfect balance is seen so that the overall look isn’t overpowering. This apartment gathers different styles, you can find modern and classic furniture at the same time, and the space is successfully seized to supply the place with all that’s necessary all while making it look spacious and uncluttered. White walls and parquet flooring are used, which is really perfect and smart because they give the perfect balance with the used colors. Wood panels are also used on the ceiling to give an artistic eye catching style to the place. The color white is not only seen on the walls, if you look closely, you’ll find that almost all furniture comes in white to accept the presence of different colors.


Tags: apartments, interior design, Stockholm Attic Apartment

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