Choosing the Proper Green Granite for Your Home

Green granite has been gaining more and more space in interior design projects. Natural stone, super resistant and durable, draws attention for its dark colour, almost black, and is a much more economical option than other types of granite.

And if you are also thinking about using this stone in your home but are not sure if it is the best choice, follow the post with us. We’ve brought tips and inspiration to help you make the best decision.

Green Granite: Strength and Durability

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of using granite is its strength and durability, regardless of colour. Granite is among the hardest materials in nature and even benefits from marble.

Just to give you an idea, granite scores 7 points on the Mohs scale, a scale that measures the hardness of materials. On this scale, 10 indicates maximum strength and hardness, while 0 indicates materials with the lowest strength.

Murmel, on the other hand, scores between 3 and 4 points. In other words, granite is almost twice the strength of marble. With good care, the stone will stay in your home for years.

Where and how to use green granite in decoration

In the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that is most often combined with granite, including greenery.

In this environment, granite can be used to make countertops, countertops, backsplashes and tabletops. However, it is not recommended to use granite on the kitchen floor as grease splashes and moisture can make it slippery.

In the bathroom

Another place that goes well with green granite is the bathroom. Here it is used as an option for the sink, wall panelling and built-in niche.

But just like in the kitchen, avoiding granite on the floor is interesting.

In the service area

The service area is also on the list of options for using green granite. It can be part of the countertop or used as wall panelling.

In fact, green granite is also very welcome to make extended countertops that integrate the kitchen with the vanity area, especially in small apartment projects.

In the room

The living and dining rooms are given an extra touch of sophistication and beauty with the use of green granite. Stone can be used as wall cladding, similar to a slab, or even as flooring.

Another way to add green granite stone to the space is to use it as a coffee table or dining table top. You can even combine green granite with other granite colours or even marble.

Check out the following 9 projects that use green granite now and get inspired:











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