Central Park Apartment by Kvadrat Architects in Astana, Kazakhstan

Project: Central Park Apartment
Architects: Kvadrat Architects
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Area: 2,325 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Kvadrat Architects

Central Park Apartment by Kvadrat Architects

Spacious bright apartment, in which many people dream to live – overlooking the Central Park of Astana.Β  The space smoothly flows one into another. The bedroom, closet and bathroom of the owners of the apartment support the general mood. They become a continuation of the whole enveloping interior.

The team of Kvadrat architects design studio faced several key tasks: to organize a large living room with a dining area, where all family members can easily gather for dinner. And also to create a laconic interior. Another point was to take into account all functional zones while maintaining aesthetics and lightness.

An intriguing detail is the hidden kitchen. After finishing cooking, you can close the doors and instantly turn the common area into a living-dining room. A well thought-out, yet stylish kitchen island with a clear geometry.

Interior solutions are not tied to trends, rather they relate to timeless values. Well, the most interesting thing is the work with the space of the apartment.

Layout: volume and multidimensionality

The organization of space in this project is an impressive part of the work.

“We did a thorough redesign to create maximum spaciousness and fill the space with daylight. We emphasized this atmosphere with laconic forms and uncomplicated color palette,” says Sergey Bekmukhanbetov and Rustam Minnehanov, heads of Kvadrat architects design studio.

Warm sandy shades, each selected piece of furniture and the materials used emphasize the feeling of volume, air and light. Familiar objects feel different: a table in the tone of the walls practically blends in with them. Hidden doors to the ceiling: the space visually continues and when you open this “portal” you feel even more volume and multi-dimensionality.

Integrity and visual harmony

The task was to preserve the integrity of the interior, but at the same time to allocate a dining area for large meals and a full kitchen: the owner of the house loves to cook. So instead of the narrow labyrinths of the corridor there was a living room with three large windows not separated by walls. They offer a mesmerizing view of Central Park.

Instead of the usual kitchen, there are two cooking areas. The technical one, completely hidden behind a door, and the finishing one, closed by stylish veneered panels.

Visual harmony is also supported by the dining room. The guest table, standing alone, is the perfect place for noisy celebrations and hearty dinners.

The dining room flows seamlessly into the living room, with an island sofa at its heart. Unlike conventional designs, you can sit on it from three sides. You can admire the landscape from the windows, continue communicating with guests or switch to watching a movie.

A conditional cube separates the living room from the hallway, it contains functional zones: dressing room, laundry room and guest bathroom with shower.

The bathroom, which is accessed through the parents’ bedroom, deserves special mention. Its centerpiece is a freestanding bathtub in front of a panoramic window, which offers a breathtaking view. There is also an outdoor shower room for when there is no time for meditative baths.

Each element of the apartment is a visual extension of the previous one, and this creates a subtle but tangible connection to the entire space.

-Project description and images provided by Kvadrat Architects


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