Ceiling Mirrors- Trend That Becomes Actual Again

Ceiling mirrors are returned in a big way in the world of interior design. We’ve seen them in pictures and movies from the seventies of the last century and now we are greeted by these glittering ceilings, that again become current. Ceiling mirrors make the space in which they are posted, glamorous and modern, but also increase the amount of light in the room. Always the safety was number one when placing mirrors on the ceiling. Today there are acrylic replacements that are lightweight and more safe. In essence, there are three basic types of mirrors, ceilings: classic mirrors covering the ceiling in one piece or several smaller ones in the case of a large area, the tiles of mirrors that are easier to install and safer and the aforementioned mirrors made from lightweight synthetic materials.

If you opt for a classic mirror remember the first safety, the large mirrors are heavy and large pieces of glass. Such mirrors are glued to a wooden or veneered surface, that has been previously screwed to the ceiling. Once the mirror is sealed, it is necessary to additionally provide a frame which is specially made for this mirror. After all three procedures are properly done, you can be sure that the mirror is firmly on its place. Ceiling mirrors can be set up in the bedroom, living room, study room, business facilities (casinos, bars, clubs …) and so on. The modern look of the room will be achieved by placing mirrors in the room with quality flooring, marble or wooden. Now take a look in our inspirational collection and you will see various interesting examples!










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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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