Calming and Spiritual ideas for the ideal Zen decor

Relax! This is the main proposal for a Zen decoration. The well-being of the residents comes first. And do we agree that in this busy and hectic life, there could be nothing better than a zen corner to relax in, do you agree?

That is why we have compiled some tips in this post to help you create a zen decoration that is not only beautiful but also comfortable, relaxing and invigorating. Come and see.

What is zen decor?

First, let’s clarify what “Zen” means. The word has its origins in Buddhism, which appeared in China in the 6th century AD, and denotes a state of personal enlightenment that a person can achieve through meditative practices.

However, over time, the word Zen has also been used to denote people with a calm and peaceful temperament, even in the face of life’s adversities.

With this definition in mind, it’s easier to understand where Zen decor belongs. In other words, it is closely linked to the oriental aesthetic that values ​​minimalism and simplicity but does not sacrifice comfort.

Starting from these ideas, Zen decoration has the principle of creating environments of contemplation, balance and tranquillity where the body and mind can relax.

However, there is no direct relation to any religious concept, whatever it may be. They can have a zen decor without necessarily expressing any type of religiosity. Although this type of decoration ultimately favours a spiritual connection, only in a broader and very personal sense.

Zen decorative objects

Water origins

Water fountains are embossed in Zen decor, especially those with an oriental touch. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, but the important thing is to keep them going. The sound of the water will do your day very well.

Candles and incense

Candles and incense sticks make the environment more fragrant, but also contribute to the decoration aesthetically. Use candlesticks, candle holders and incense holders that match the proposed style.


Crystals are another classic element in Zen decor. Beautiful and full of good energies, they decorate and enliven the surroundings. Make a composition of several crystals or use them, for example, in the form of a wind chime.


Paintings related to the oriental Zen aesthetic are very welcome. In addition to the classic Buddha image, try to use images of natural landscapes such as waterfalls, sea and rivers.

Holy characters

Buddha figurines are a staple in Zen decor. But you can adapt this type of ornament to other religious and spiritual leaders depending on your beliefs. Also, for those who like religious syncretism, mixing different statuettes from different religions is a must.


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