Bring the outdoors in with these nature-inspired Spring decor ideas!

It is more than legitimate to feel the urge to renew your living environment with each passing season. The beginning of spring confirms the deal and accelerates this desire for a change of decoration. We must at all costs leave the monotony of winter for the good humor inherent in these premises of the beautiful season, an attractive transition while waiting for summer. Embracing shimmering hues, employing floral patterns, celebrating signature outdoor pieces, and opting for lighter textiles: the pieces of the house need a quick and complete makeover with the arrival of spring. A transformation organized like a “big yes” addressed to those long days, lulled by those still timid rays of the sun.

For a simple spring decoration or not, an indoor and outdoor spring decoration, here are some inspired and inspiring ways to celebrate the arrival of spring 2023!

1. Natural suspension for spring

If you haven’t already, take advantage of spring to succumb to the poetic charms of natural springing. Whether in the living room or dining room, its presence works wonders to create a bohemian atmosphere… A tasteful model in your sights? That of the Catalan brand Kave Home!

2. Fall for a rug with traveler accents

The plain or elaborate carpet is over! Come Spring, swap out your thick, cozy rug for a beautiful natural rug or one with graphic patterns inspired by distant travels. Just enough to make you feel right at home!

3. Renew the style of the balcony with bohemian pieces

Indoors and outdoors, the decoration skillfully blurs the boundaries for the beautiful season! Wicker table, wicker hanging lamp, a bouquet of dried flowers, decorative baskets: reinvent the look of your balcony with absolutely modern decorative pieces, easy to place both indoors and outdoors, for a decoration that never chooses one side!

4. Highlight your most beautiful plants

On the floor, on a sideboard, or on a bookshelf, the plant remains one of the best decorative arguments for a spring living room. We combine our most beautiful plants with our most decorative pots to create an indoor-outdoor feel!


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