Brilliant Interior Designs With Dark Blue For Dramatic Ambience

For blue, it is said that it reduces the blood pressure and slows heart rate, which is why it is a color that relaxes, soothes and heals. Although considered a cool color, these dark shades of blue, carry in themselves a relaxing atmosphere that invites you to read or rest. It is also a color of reliability and trust.

Because of all these characteristics, these shades of blue are most commonly used in the bedroom and bathroom, but they can be used in the living room and large kitchens, in order to stimulate that calming effect. It’s interesting that it have an effect of reducing appetite, so there is another reason to use it! If you do not want to overdo it – you can only stamp one (or two walls) with this color – leave the rest of the space in neutral color (white, light gray or beige), with a couple of decorative accents in the same or similar shade. You can, of course, paint all walls dark blue, but in this case furniture and decoration should be neutral colors, in order to create a nice balance in the space. Check out below and see some beautiful interior designs with dark blue which are more than amazing!


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