Bright Apartment With Impeccable Interior Design

The floor, which has an area of ​​85 m2, has accumulated more than 25 years since its construction. In fact, since its purchase, no type of structural reform had been carried out. However, what began as a reform of the bathroom in the suite, according to the client’s wishes, has ended up becoming a reform of special relevance in the kitchen and dining room area.

If we look at the before and now, the most important change is found in the opening of the kitchen to the living room. To do this, the wall that separated both spaces has been knocked down, thus taking advantage of the gap that was left from the old passage from the hall to the kitchen to integrate a piece of furniture at the entrance. In it, you can store coats, jackets, and bags when you get home.

At the same time, we find a spacious and dynamic room in which to enjoy the day-to-day. Due to the demolition of the dividing wall, the television and electrical installations have been modified to be able to place the television on the wall facing the kitchen. What has been kept is the sofa, which as it had modern lines, and has been complemented with a new armchair, TV cabinet and floor lamp. A whole set that bets on new textiles, such as the carpet, cushions, and blankets,  to give the space a warmer and more welcoming air.

Dining area

In the dining room area, the table and chairs have been changed for new ones and the existing auxiliary furniture has been lacquered. They have taken advantage of the emotional decorative elements of the client that he already had on his property, such as bonsai, watercolor, or the globe. The warmth is breathed in each of the corners through the parquet wood and the neutral tones, which reduce the intensity of the environment.

Suite bathroom

In the bathroom of the suite, the bathtub has been replaced by a shower tray flush with the floor, a suspended toilet has been installed and two custom-made lacquered pieces of furniture have been created: one for the sink and the other for the gap that was above the built-in cistern. In the shower, a niche has been integrated to store the soaps. All wall and floor tiles are new in a stone-like beige tone, as is the mirror with integrated light.

Main room

If we now look at the main room, during the renovation the doors of the built-in wardrobe have been lacquered and the handles have been changed, to give it a more modern look as in the rest of the apartment. The wall sconces have been replaced by more minimalist ones, while the textiles have been changed to fit in with the bed and table furniture, which the client did not want to change. Two ceiling lamps have also been installed as night lighting for the tables.

Parquet flooring

As we can see, a parquet has been chosen for the flooring that acts as a conductive thread throughout the floor. It is a special parquet with resistance to be used in the kitchen and guest bathroom. In addition, custom curtains have been installed, both in the living room and in the bedroom. In the dining area, these have been placed in a curtain with integrated LED light. The doors of the house have been replaced by new white lacquered doors and stainless steel handles.


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