Beginners Guide To Vintage Interior Design Without Spending Money

If you would like to enter your home vintage style, start with these five simple steps. Vintage style is the most romantic and cozy style, and it does not require spending too much money. You can reuse almost all of your old antique items, that don’t serve you anymore for its purpose.

1. Set Open Shelves

You can set or example, fixed open hanging cabinets or shelves in the kitchen and decorate them with hooks on which you can hang your favorite cups.

2. Don’t Forget To Decorate The Pantry Or The Laundry

Boring rooms in the home will get vintage charm with colorful curtains behind which will hide the machines or shelves.

3. Paint The Furniture But Leave The Finish To Look Shabby

The best way to get this effect is that after coloring, is to re-finish the furniture with sandpaper.

4. Decorate The Windows With Lace

An easy way to give vintage vibes to the bedroom (and the other rooms, of course), is to hang lace curtains at the windows.

5. Add Some Item In French style

Vintage style works great with pieces of furniture inspired by French style. Mirrors with decorative frames, bedside table, and other furniture which dates from the time of Louis XV, will be great addition of your vintage interior.


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