Before and After – Monochrome Bathroom en Suite Makeover

Before we tell you how this extended renovation started, let us show you how it was before. And what to expect in the ‘after’ will be more than evident!

Having one bathroom in a large family just isn’t fitting, right? The owners of this home decided to extend space in their home and gained a spacious bedroom + a bathroom. Space and privacy go hand in hand, so because of its importance, this family decided to extend upstairs to create another bedroom and bathroom.

They have built the extension over the sitting room and literally knocked through the old bathroom. That option gave them the corridor to the new rooms and a decent-sized shower room for their two children. If you were already wondering how much did it cost, let us tell you straight ahead – $70.000. Also, the project took 6 months to be finished.

The new en suite got his simple monochrome scheme which can evolve with different accessories and artwork. But, the palm print wallpaper gives the bedroom totally a different vibe, so calming for the senses, and everything in the bathroom was chosen to work alongside that. What about doors? No, they didn’t need even doors on the en suite because their room is so tucked away. Here, the catch is that the light flows between the rooms and you can be in the bath laying and watch the television in the bedroom. This couple really thought of every detail, ha! Now, the bathroom is their private retreat, a grown-up place to relax in. We put our trust in their hands!

You can see the photos in the gallery on how they made all the palettes, schemes and spaces work out in the most perfect way!


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