Bold and Glamorous Bedroom and Bathroom by Victoria Hopkins Interiors

What you are about to witness is a masterpiece of interior design. When you love the glamour it’s not so hard to find the perfect interior. Victoria Hopkins interiors intrigued a very bold part of the interior that they made in our eyes. If the brief was to create a statement through the oozed luxury in the glam bedroom and bathroom, then they did it successfully! No doubts, once you see the photographs of the interior design.

She used colorful and such bright wallpaper in both rooms plus a bold color for some maximum impact!


As this bedroom relatively has a small space she managed to create maximum drama by choosing a stunning steal that she used across the walls, woodwork, and ceiling.

She used beautiful Divine Savages Faunacation Wallpaper teamed with a neon sign. The finish off of this opulent bedroom is in the mixed-level lighting, the gallery wall and an array of scatter cushions.

She painted the walls the same color from top to bottom that gives the illusion of never-ending space.


Also, this small bathroom needed a maximum impact, because it was quite a small one. That garden wallpaper in Navy/Paprika was used on the back wall and it is complemented by dark purple walls and ceiling, and also a teal shelf.

She wanted to contrast the floral paper with a sharp geometric floor. To add some edge to the room were used black and white vinyl.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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