Beautiful Ideas of Study Tables for Home

The organization is everything when studying. And for that, you can and should count on a study table. This simple but fundamental piece of furniture is of tremendous importance in the daily study routine, becoming a practically indispensable element in the life of any student. 

That’s why you need to know how to choose the ideal study table for your home and, of course, for your needs.

Doors, niches, or drawers

Some study tables are pretty basic with just the legs and a top. But there are more complete models with doors, niches, and drawers.  You can opt for any of these models, but the idea is to first assess what your needs are. 

If you have a lot to store, it’s worth considering a table with doors that help keep everything in place and avoids clutter.  For those who need to organize books, for example, a table with niches is very interesting. 

Small objects, such as agendas, glasses, and computer cables, can be well accommodated inside drawers. 

Choose the chair

The study table never comes alone. She is always accompanied by the chair.  This duo is fundamental to bringing comfort and ergonomics to those who are using the space.

To start, choose a chair that is height proportional to the table. Remembering that the correct height of the chair in relation to the table allows the feet to touch the floor and the knees to be flexed at a 90º angle.

A good tip is to invest in height-adjustable chairs, so you can adjust them depending on who is going to use them. A good backrest also helps those who need to spend hours sitting down reading, writing, and researching. 

You can also opt for chairs with arms that guarantee a very welcome rest between one task and another.

Pay attention to the color of the table

Prefer tables in light tones so as not to disturb or confuse the vision. White tables or tables in light woody tones are the most recommended.  Glass ones are also an option, but are more expensive. So evaluate your budget.


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