Apartment In Acapulco With Ocean View And Elegance

On the southern coast of Mexico, facing the incredible Pacific Ocean, we find this spectacular 500 m2 apartment located, specifically, in an area of ​​great tourist relevance: Acapulco, a Mexican city and port in the state of Guerrero, as well as one of those places to which thousands of people go every year in search of a sun and beach vacation. The unparalleled views from this residence are a clear example of why it is worth traveling to this region in the south of the country. Do you peek with us?

As a common area, the living room, dining room, and kitchen were located on the ground floor. In fact, for it to function as a wide and dynamic space, no dividing walls were built, simply a wooden staple in the ceiling with indirect light that divides the living room from the dining room and generates dignified access to the main staircase that is made up of two lamps. recognized brand. In this way, the areas are harmoniously connected and without visual impediments.

Blue marble slabs were placed on the main wall of the living room and dining room to reflect the color of the sea inside the apartment and to create that feeling of spaciousness that reigns throughout the house. As we have already anticipated, the indirect lighting, distributed in simple ceilings with lines of lamps painting their boxes in dark colors, helps to accentuate the decorative details.

The project is, of course, a luxury worthy of admiration. Its touches of wood, marble, as well as fine rugs and other luxurious accessories, show this. A perfect combination of various types of art and careful lighting that works to highlight the brilliance of objects.

Its wide spaces; With multiple details, sober decoration, and its own personality, enhance the design and make it a unique, elegant project, with avant-garde architecture, which knows how to merge classic touches with modern and colorful details to give it more life. Its views of the sea, along with an impeccable interior, make this space a perfectly cozy place, those that you do not want to leave.



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