Angra dos Reis House by Cadas Arquitetura in Brazil

Project: Angra dos Reis House
Architects: Cadas Arquitetura
Angra dos Reis, Brazil
13,993 sf
Photographs by: MCA Estudio

Angra dos Reis House by Cadas Arquitetura

The Angra dos Reis House in Brazil is a 13,993 sf home designed by Cadas Arquitetura for a large family. The steep land has a beautiful view of the sea and the house design consists of several small blocks instead of one large volume. The interior and exterior areas are integrated, with a large square pool area and garden under a wooden deck.

The pool is positioned at the edge of the slope with a view of the sea. The aesthetic of the house resembles a hut with a natural feel, using wood for the structure, walls, and roofs. A wildwood pergola is also included for outdoor living.

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This house in Angra dos Reis as built for a big family that enjoy the full house!

The land is very steep, with a beautiful view and the sea down there.

Instead of have a large volume block, we decided to create several small blocks, providing interesting volumetrics and different compositions of roofs.

You’re not going anywhere in this house to go through an outside area.

There is a large square around the pool, where the buildings converge. This allowed to create a garden and a large free and leisure area mounted under the wooden deck.  This area is totally integrated with the dynamics of the house and can be accessed from a passage between the rooms or through a helical staircase that resembles a sculpture.

The pool is located at the edge of the slope of the terrain, at one point that the perspective joins it to the sea, turning everything one thing.

Aesthetically, the architecture resembles a hut. Wood brings the feeling of something less built, more natural and organic. Rounded pequiá wood logs structure the roof, while the walls are lined with alternately narrow and wide boards and autoclaved pine boards cover the roofs.

A wildwood pergola hangs over the ocean where we create a very nice living for family and friends to enjoy outdoors.

Cadas Arquitetura


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