Amazing Designs Of Apartment Bathrooms

Decorating an apartment bathroom can be simple and pleasant. But for that, you need to pay attention to some important details that will make all the difference in planning this essential space. After all, let’s agree that the time when the bathroom was seen only as a functional environment, without any aesthetic appeal, is over.

Fortunately, the conversation these days is different. And, best of all, you can make a beautiful and cozy apartment bathroom decor, regardless of how many square meters you have there.

Apartment bathroom decor: tips to get the project right

Reform or adaptation?

Do you intend to make a general renovation in the apartment’s bathroom or just some occasional modifications? In the first case, it is possible, for example, to change coverings, bathroom fixtures, and the sink countertop. The cost is higher, but the bathroom is just the way you’ve always dreamed of. In the second option, you can make specific changes based on what already exists in the bathroom. The cost is much lower when compared to a general renovation and, believe me, the result can be surprising too.

In this case, you can think about painting the tiles instead of replacing them. And if you don’t like the floor, you can cover it with a wooden deck, for example. Sticking closets, changing knobs, and renewing the bathing suit also help in decorating the bathroom in an apartment.

Decorative style

Whatever type of renovation you have, one thing is certain: define a decorative style for your bathroom. Maybe you already have something in mind, like the rustic or modern decor. But if you haven’t planned anything yet, a good tip is to use internet references. In addition to this post here, which is full of images to inspire you, you can also search for ideas on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Save the images you liked the most and try to find points of similarity between them. It can be the color palette or the type of material used, such as wood or glass, for example. All of this will help you create your style and thus make the apartment bathroom decorating process simpler and easier. That’s because you won’t feel lost among so many options that exist in the market.

Environment size

The size of your bathroom is super important too. So, start taking all the measurements of the place. Take this information with you when choosing floors, furniture, and other elements that will make up the bathroom. Always prefer sized items proportional to your space.

Invest in lighting

Good lighting is the secret of those magazine decorations.

It helps to enhance important points of the bathroom decor, in addition to being extremely important in the tasks that are carried out there, such as shaving or makeup. Therefore, the ideal is always to have central lighting, but also to spread points of direct light on the sink countertop, for example. Also, invest in diffused lighting points to ensure a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom.

Nowadays you don’t even have to break the walls to make new lighting. You can use, for example, LED strips or rechargeable lights that do not leave visible wires in the environment.

Plants are welcome

Plants are a great addition to your apartment bathroom decor. They make the space more welcoming, cozy, and refreshing. In small bathrooms, use plants suspended by hangers or over shelves. In larger bathrooms, you can support a vase on the floor without compromising the free circulation space.

But it’s important to choose the right species. Prefer those that like humidity and tolerate semi-shade environments, since this is the type of natural lighting that usually prevails in bathrooms.

Want more apartment bathroom decorating ideas? So come check out the 9 images below and get inspired:











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