Amazing Decorative Tips On Where To Use Pendant Covers

Modern and sophisticated, the copper pendant brings glamor to the decor, but without going overboard. The metallic tone that sometimes turns to gold, sometimes to rosΓ© gold, can easily become the focal point of an environment, but it can also be just a complement, harmonizing gracefully well with the other elements of the decoration.

Do you want to find out more about the copper pendant and find out how to use them in your home? So keep following the post and we’ll tell you everything!

Where to use copper pendant

One of the great advantages of the copper pendant is that it adapts very well to different environments and decorative proposals. See below the best spaces in the house to bet on the use of this pendant:

In the bedroom

The pendant covers can be used in double, single, and even children’s rooms. Very popular beside beds, on the nightstand, the copper pendant offers a focused point of light that is practical in everyday life. In this type of environment and composition, it is worth betting on a copper pendant model in a tube or wire. The sphere versions also look great next to the bed.

In the living room

The living room is another environment that is always successful with the use of pendants. In the case of the copper pendant, a good option is the copper pendant model Sutinik, where light arms stand out from the central base and project to the sides.

Try a round or chandelier-shaped copper pendant. But if the intention is to highlight a specific area of ​​the room, such as the corner beside the sofa, for example, use a smaller and lower copper pendant, such as the tube model.

In the dining room

It is impossible to think of a dining room without immediately imagining a pendant on the table. This is a classic decorative item in this type of environment. Here, the idea is that the copper pendant follows the shape of the table. In other words, a rectangular table asks for a pendant in the same format to bring visual balance to the composition. The same goes for other table formats, including round one.

For those who have integrated environments, such as a dining and living room, the copper pendant must be in harmony with the other pendants or lamps.

In the bathroom or toilet

Pendant covers can even be installed in bathrooms and washrooms. In the center of the ceiling, the pendant becomes the highlight and soon draws all attention to itself. Next to the countertop, it completes the decoration and even brings that warm soft light.

Check out the following ideas on how to use copper pendant in your decoration and get inspired:











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