All our tips for saving money at home the upcoming season

As energy prices continue to soar, saving water and electricity has become a priority for many households. Choosing a low-consumption appliance and insulation tips, there are many ways to reduce the bill without necessarily losing comfort. The proof with our special file to save everywhere in the house.

Save water around the house

  • Save water in the bathroom: 

Finished, the baths at 40 ° C, now, we opt for the shower. Ration water using the “shower stopper”, nozzles, aerators and other specific showerheads. Another important tip for not wasting water, do not to let it run while you brush your teeth.

To go further, we collect the water in the condenser of the dryer, this will serve as demineralized water for the iron.

  • Saving water in toilets: 

Toilets are the biggest consumers of water in the house. So, install a dual control for the flush: the minimum can be enough.

The other alternative is a Canadian trick that costs nothing (they are very aware of the green question): place a bottle filled with water in the tank of “the” toilet, and that’s as much water saved every time you flush.

  • Saving water in the garden: 

Don’t overwater your garden in the summer. Dig small wells, better yet, install a rainwater harvesting tank. Foolproof technique: use the wastewater that is used to clean fruits and vegetables to water your plants .

Save energy in all rooms

You have explosive EDF-GDF bills which contribute to the warming of both your Blue Card and the climate. Why? Because you haven’t had the easy experience of saving energy at home yet. Saving energy is not an ordeal as we imagine, no need to put on 1,000 sweaters, and never exceed 18° C in heating, here are our solutions for saving energy at home:

  • Choose low-power devices: 

Turn off lights before leaving a room. Banish halogens from your rooms and buy “low energy” light bulbs. Think about eco buttons and don’t leave appliances on standby.

Don’t leave them on standby. You should know that, even off, connected devices such as computers, telephones, and printers continue to consume. Choose the simplest screensaver for your computer and schedule it to activate quickly. Press the “eco” buttons on the machines and run them at night (no need to set the alarm clock at 3 a.m., EDF “off-peak hours” are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.).

Use the dryer as little as possible (well, OK for the sheets, it’s still allowed…). Use the microwave instead of the oven for small meals (and it goes faster too). Check that the refrigerator closes well, because it represents 12% of the total energy consumption (if not, change the gaskets), never put food in it while it is still hot and defrost it regularly. Don’t give in to the air conditioning sirens.

  • Insulate windows and maintain radiators to maintain heat:

Dust the radiators, be careful that they are not covered by the curtains. Insulate windows and doors properly so outside (and cold) air doesn’t get in. Install a programmable room thermostat and reduce the boiler temperature: 1°C less is an extra jumper, okay, but it’s also 7% savings on the bill.

Save money on purchases

Water, electricity and decoration, so in all this? You have to admit it, it’s sometimes economical but not always green to buy your furniture from the decoration giants: the ethnic chic console at 400 euros is certainly very “trendy” but would I still want to fall, and will it still be standing over the years? The motto of the frugal is “buy less, the best and for a long time”. You have to think about recycling, and the best way to recycle is to buy objects already in circulation: vintage then!

  • Flea markets: ride the wave of vintage and explore garage sales, flea markets and other flea markets to find the missing piece in your interior. So on the weekend, go to a flea market or find the flea markets near you!
  • Think Emmaüs and LeBonCoin, you will give a second life to objects that you will find perfectly useful. But be careful, buy useful and do not indulge in superfluous favourites.

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