Aesthetic Apartment With Minimalist And Natural Touches

One of the most modern skyscrapers in Moscow, the capital of Russia, is this apartment intervened by the architect and designer  Inga Kordya, who has been able to transform the house into an interior marked by neutral colors and timelessness. With a dimension of 150 m2, the house opens its way before the innumerable buildings that are part of the urban physiognomy of the Russian capital. We go into it to see the result of a more than satisfactory rehabilitation.

For the designer, neutrality and attention to detail were essential elements to harmonize each of the rooms. In addition, the main objective has been shaped: redesign a functional, current, cozy, and timeless interior. An all-in-one that shines with its own strength.

Its owners, a young couple, are lovers of modern arts, sports, and travel. A lively and tenacious spirit can be seen in the decoration of the house, in which it has opted for touches of color in contrast to other more neutral tones.

If something stands out in this interior, in addition to the order and care in each element, it is the minimalist aesthetic with which it has been designed. For this, natural materials and light colors have been used that give the whole elegance. Thus, it gives us the feeling of a lighthouse in which the entrance of light is used to the maximum so that space seems more open and free.

The dynamism is the axis that is located on a skyscraper residence. In fact, from the dining room, you can perfectly see a good panoramic view of the entire city. The mirror in the living room reflects the light and clouds in the windows and makes the room as cozy and bright as possible.

To make the interior more dynamic and comfortable, far from the cold functionalism, materials such as natural wood, brass, glass, and marble have been used that crown each corner with great subtlety.

Without losing sight of the modernity that characterizes this house, new technologies have been implemented. Highlights include some smart home elements, app-controlled light settings, remote control of the curtains, seamless internet covering the entire area, as well as a modern quality home theater built into the oversized TV and the quality of high fidelity surrounded by acoustics. Come on, a real treat!

Brushstrokes of art and design

The owners, a young couple who love art, sports, and travel, wanted their character to be reflected in the interior design of the residence. Thus, the architect Inga Kordya has managed to create a space marked by small brushstrokes of art and design. A fact that we observe through the paintings and other elements that reinforce and harmonize the rooms.

Open kitchen

The open-plan kitchen intersects with simplicity and delicacy with the living room. The design of the elements in neutral tones contrasts with wooden doors that give that natural touch that brings so much warmth to the whole.



Sergey Krasyuk


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