Additional Decoration Trends for 2023 – Ideas Full of Personality

Trends are like this: they come and go. So why care about them? There is a reason for this. Decoration trends are an indication of the changes that are happening in the world. That is, they signal important transformations in society and in the way we relate to environments and other people, bringing greater connection and integration with concepts and values ​​that are popping up around.

The idea is simple: absorb references and apply them, as far as possible, within your reality.

Use of colors on the walls

The use of colors on the walls is the most assertive thing we have for the year 2023. The tip is to explore bright, intense colors that contrast with each other, provoking the senses and bringing a lot of personality to the decor.

Resort/SPA aesthetic

How about having the comfort of a SPA indoors? This is another trend that comes with everything in homes, especially since it is a way of offering well-being and self-care, two things that are highly valued these days.

Use of stones

Stones will also be a staple in this year’s interior design. They will be everywhere, serving as tables, countertops, and sinks. The cool thing is that you can bring the effect of stones in any style, from the most modern to the most rustic.

Luxurious aesthetics

Luxury here is not just about wealth, but about empowerment and self-affirmation. In decoration, this can be seen through decorative elements that go beyond common sense. Spacious, well-lit environments complement this aesthetic.

Textures in the environment and natural fibers

Bamboo, straw, wicker, and other natural elements also promise to be present in 2023, either in natural form or texture in the most diverse objects and surfaces.

Open and integrated space

It is not today that the integrated concept is on the rise, but in 2023 it gains strength. The open spaces will create the necessary integration between environments, in addition to favoring family relationships inside the house and providing room optimization.


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