Adding Accents To Neutral Interiors- Simple But Beautiful

The central point (focal point), is an extremely important detail in every space. It is also a perfect way to create accents, to make your interior special and highlight what you want the most. You can opt for an accentuated wall, with a large work of art or furniture, which with its own design draws a lot of attention and creates the central point in the whole space.

There are countless different ideas that you can consider, that will help you to create interesting focal point in your living space. Interesting option is some art piece. You can opt for wall art, or maybe some extravagant piece of furniture. Another interesting option is to accent the modern interior with some old antique chair, dresser, or other item. Or simply, in monochromatic or neutral interior, you can add some element in other vibrant color.This will give special charm and will beautify every modern space. If you still don’t have any idea hot to highlight your interior design, take a look in our inspirational collection and you will get inspired for sure! Enjoy in our creative photo gallery!


Tags: accent, accent wall, accented wall, accents, wall art

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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