16 Captivating Interiors With Yellow Accents That Will Delight You

First association of the yellow color is the sun – heat, energy, serenity. The same impression leaves and the yellow interior, which brings brightness, vibrancy and playfulness in the space. In addition, yellow affects the mood and enhances creativity and concentration.

Pale pastel tones are calming, and therefore are great choice for the bedroom, while the strong tones of yellow color blend well in the other rooms. For example, fresh lemon yellow, perfectly fits into the interior in the kitchen or bathroom. For beautiful yellow accents in the space you do not need synthetic color – you can decorate the room with yellow spring flowers such as Narcissus or tulips. Yellow is an excellent choice for the home office, because it fosters the communication and helps you stay focused. Enter this color in your work-space, so that you will paint the walls yellow or insert details like coffee cup, paper book, desk accessories and the like. Use the power of the yellow color in the form of curtains, pillow or blankets. Also fascinating yellow wallpaper on one wall in the room, can do wonders in your interior design. This playful color perfectly fits with white shades to give a freshness and transparency in space. For a stronger impression, combine yellow with green or intense blue, purple or pink.


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