Add More Privacy To Your Home Without Compromising The Style

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Sometimes you just want a little bit of privacy at home. But, at the same time, you don’t want to surround your house with a huge wall and cut yourself off from society. You still want people to marvel at your gorgeous home when they walk by, but you don’t want them to get too nosey and peek inside.

This is a particular problem for anyone with a house that doesn’t come with a front garden or driveway. As a result, your home literally opens onto the street! So, you’re in desperate need of some privacy. The good news is, there are loads of ideas to help you make your home more private without ruining the style. If anything, these ideas will enhance the design.

Put privacy film on your windows

Privacy film is a type of film that’s installed on the glass on your windows. Effectively, it makes it harder for people to see inside. It’s kind of like the frosted glass effect, but at a fraction of the price – and without all the effort. With this window film, you can improve the style of your windows by pimping up the glass. There are lots of different types of privacy window film available as well. So, you can pick one that matches both your interior and exterior designs.

Tint your windows

If your windows are old and you want to upgrade to something new, then you should think about buying tinted windows. They add some extra privacy while making your home stand out. You could also add frosted glass – and other privacy glass types – to this idea as well. Essentially, you install a new type of glass in your windows. It works best if you want new windows, otherwise it can be a lot of effort just for some added privacy.

Buy a front gate

Nothing improves your privacy quite like a front gate. It’s a wonderful idea as it creates a statement in front of your home. Every house should try and have a front gate, especially if you have a driveway. It makes your home feel more private and important. Plus, you can get some stunning gate designs that really enhance your kerb appeal.

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Install some blinds

People often debate whether you should have curtains or blinds. For me, it’s not much of a debate – get both! Curtains can be drawn at night to create a cosy atmosphere, but blinds add privacy during the day. You could open the curtains and leave the blinds slightly ajar. This lets in the daylight, but it restricts the view people have of your home. So, you can walk around without worrying about your privacy, and while enjoying some stunning blinds at the same time.

See, these tips are so simple, yet so effective. If you’re worried about people looking inside your home, or you just feel like you lack privacy, then try any of these ideas today. They’ll make your home a more private place, but they’ll also add some new design elements to it.


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