Interior Details That Can Give Your Home a Glamorous Touch

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Do you ever get that feeling of elegance and sophistication when entering someone else’s home and wonder what they did to achieve it? Sometimes, you can clearly tell that a certain furniture item or carpet is expensive, but other times, you can’t even put your finger on it. It can be something as subtle as a scent, the way the light passes through the curtains or the way the owner strategically arranged the tableware.

Here’s the good news: it’s not some mysterious spell or unattainable decorating talent. Even if you don’t have the budget to buy every item that high-end décor magazines recommend, you can still give your home that charming aristocratic touch. It’s all just aesthetics, research, and attention to detail.

Quality art

If you’re tired of looking at blank walls every day and you want a hang some art, you might want to resist the urge of going to Ikea and buying five art prints for $50. Not because they look bad (some of them are actually very creative), but if you want to give your home a luxe feel, generic art can’t achieve that. The problem with mass-produced art is that it loses value the moment it exits the store, whereas original art is rare and it therefore holds its value. Even if you don’t have the budget to buy expensive paintings from famous artists, you can still find places that sell interesting, beautiful art. Check out local exhibitions to discover small up-and-coming artists, go to yard sales and thrift stores, or consider buying the works of a freelance artist to show your support. One hand-painted, attention-grabbing piece of art can achieve much more than several store-bought art prints. But make sure you feel with a connection with the piece you’re buying. Whether it’s the color scheme, the theme of the painting or the story behind it, something should resonate with you.

A wall mirror

If you only have the one mirror in the bathroom, it’s time to change that. A large wall mirror placed in the hallway or living room can give your home a sophisticated touch, no matter the décor style you chose for the rest of the house. It doesn’t have to be an incredibly ornate or expensive mirror because even the simplest model works wonders. In addition to being practical and looking luxurious, a large mirror also creates an optical illusion and makes the space look larger and brighter – which is another key feature of glamorous houses.

Kitchen & bathroom fixtures

Kitchen and bathroom décor are often tricky because there is less space available for decorative items and mixing aesthetics with practicality is often challenging. If you don’t want to change the lighting or do a complete makeover by changing the appliances, switching up the fixtures is a nice little hack that can make your home look glamorous. People often don’t realize it, but replacing your kitchen faucets after a few years makes the entire room look like you’ve just moved in. For added elegance, look beyond the generic options in department stores and choose a unique design with a high-end matte finish. Apart from kitchen faucets, other details that can subtly change the whole vibe of the house include showerheads, drawer buttons, and doorknobs. There are many interesting designs and materials to choose from, but try to steer away from the plastic ones because they break easily and look low-quality. Instead, choose bronze, granite, and matte finishes.

Few, but impactful decorations

Don’t rush to fill the entire house with things as soon as you move in. Making a house look expensive is not about buying hundreds of decorations and cramming them all together in one place. It’s about following a certain theme and placing decorations strategically, to achieve a certain mood. Not every shelf has to have something on it. A couple of impactful decorations can act as centerpieces and tie everything together, giving your home a neat and sophisticated feeling. And remember, a decoration won’t impress anyone if anyone can get it. Instead of going to your local hardware store and buying an entire shopping cart filled with generic items, save up that money and shop from a higher-end one, invest in items that have collectible value, or browse an antique shop for unique decorations that have an interesting backstory. An impactful decoration can be a great conversation starter!

Premium home fragrance

When someone enters your home, it takes all senses to create a first impression. In fact, by the time they get to look around to see the furniture and decorations in more detail, they’ll have already got an idea of the home style by the way it smells. Scent can play a huge role in your home décor – and not just because some candle jars look stunning. No matter how much you spend on expensive rugs and designer chairs, if the first thing you feel when passing the threshold is the smell of leftover takeaway, tobacco, burnt steak, or just an old, stale smell, then that will make the house feel less elegant than it actually is. Burning a high-end candle or lighting some essential oils gets rid of all these bad smells, which are normal in a lived-in home, but that can nevertheless take its glamor rating down a notch. High-end home scents are more expensive, but they pay off in the long run because they’re more intense and you don’t have to keep them on all the time. If you prefer spending your budget elsewhere, no problem. Opening the windows and letting in fresh air is a great idea too, or you can buy flowers if you prefer natural fragrances.


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