A Very Nordic Apartment In Spain

In this case, it is an old house in the old town, completely renovated, those beams in the ceiling and the exposed brick can give you an idea of ​​what was the starting point when starting the reform.

The truth is that neither that blue color nor the ceiling beams, the open space, or the furniture or accessories are typical in the homes of our environment and it is clearly seen as a Nordic hand has had much to say in the project.

What if we had told you that this 67 m² house was in Stockholm, you would have believed it right away and you would only have doubted the tiled floor?

Do you like it? When we think of an apartment on the beach, it is not something like this, it seems that views of the sea should be a must, but living in the old town, almost at street level, has other attractions, it is close to everything and you can walk to bars and restaurants, which depending on our tastes, is also a good idea, right?








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