A Round Wall Shelf To Dress Your Walls With Originality


For a zen and relaxing interior, adopt this storage unit made of bamboo. Its Asian inspirations make you want to travel.

Photos of landscapes and green plants placed on the integrated shelves come to refine the exotic atmosphere of the look. Hanging above a sideboard in the dining room, this light model brings a refreshing vegetal note. In a bedroom, it can be combined with a Japandi decor for a minimalist haven of peace.


Strike the right balance between opulence and minimalist with this light wall storage. Sumptuous without overdoing it, its clean lines highlight your precious decorative objects.

Its wire structure, golden, focuses on sobriety while remaining chic with its flashy metal. This wire mesh shelf elegantly highlights designer candle holders and vases. You don’t need much more to style your wall with such a sophisticated piece.


Looking for an industrial wall shelf to brighten up the brick cladding of your new entrance? Fans of metal and clean lines will be delighted with this find.

Its sober spirit plays on the simplicity of an aerial wire structure in black metal. Inside, four asymmetrical niches allow you to stage candles, plants, and small decorative objects. The revisited factory look of this designer shelf gives your wall a healthy dose of modernity!


Find balance and serenity with this lovely shelf inspired by the Chinese symbol “yin yang”. The solid teak adds presence and cachet to this singular design. The sinuous curves of the structure contrast with the straight lines of the interior shelves.

Incense sticks, scented candles, and essential oils will find space in its various storage spaces. Attached to the wall, this wall shelf completes the decoration of a Japanese or exotic interior.


Give relief to your walls with the impressive statue of this model. Its large diameter of 120 cm imposes its style in the room. The circular metal structure accommodates two large fir shelves to place your favorite decorative accessories.

Your collection of retro porcelain tableware or your design objects floats proudly at eye level. Solid, this solid wood model can also be used as a frame door shelf!


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