A loft with Scandinavian accents

Despite its simplicity, this loft has a special atmosphere. The combination of Scandinavian style and materials gives off a very special vibe. Even though this area’s design is already in the background, it deserves to be highlighted.

A mix and match of contemporary styles

A family has moved into this former bakery, which was rehabbed and transformed into housing. The large volumes create a view of the garden, and each window is highlighted in black.

The contrast is apparent in this envelope, which is dressed in off-white. Black is the key component, and it highlights the rest of the apartment. The living room has a lot of character and depth due to the large blackboard, which is above the sofa. This artwork invites contemplation.

The kitchen is also dark. To add a bit of a material effect, a bluish marble worktop is used. This noble material is a part of an elegant universe.


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