A Classic And Royal Apartment With Extraordinary Style

We are going to Barcelona to see a comprehensive renovation and interior design project. A project that had three clear objectives: optimizing spaces, gaining functionality, and visually expanding the day area.

To enhance the natural light throughout the house, its location at three winds was used. To expand the day area, part of the balcony was integrated into the living room, generating a more square space, integrating the kitchen into the living room through a semi-open space.

During the reform, the office space was also rethought, and the courtesy toilet was located at the entrance of the house. In the case of the night area, one of the four bedrooms was eliminated to expand to the suite and place a dressing room there.

To dress the floor of the house, a natural oak was chosen but with a slightly higher tint than normal to be able to combine some furniture with a darker finish than the property wanted to keep in the house.

The hall is one of the main pieces of the house since, in addition to being a large square stone of 12m2, it distributes access to the three areas of the house: the office and the courtesy toilet, the day area, and the night zone.

In the case of the office, a ‘cul-de-sac’ space has been created that the designers took advantage to install a very narrow and decorative bookcase that invites us to enter the office area. The office has been designed with operational and functional furniture and distribution. It includes a folding bed so that, if necessary, it can be used as a guest room.

The courtesy toilet was reorganized to include a small shower so that if at some point the office becomes an extra bedroom of the house it has a full bathroom. And to communicate the hall with the day area, an almost hidden sliding door has been installed .

Now enjoy the house tour followed by some photographies made:








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