A Cashmere Feel in the Apartment in Berlin by Dezest Design

Project: Apartment in Berlin
Architects: Dezest Design
Location: Berlin, Germany
Area: 1,130 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Dezest Design

Apartment in Berlin by Dezest Design

Creating the perfect interior design is difficult enough even when you have direct input from your clients but what about having to rely primarily on an audio conversation with the clients. Hitting the mark sounds almost impossible with that approach but it is most certainly not impossible as Dezest Design from Ukraine have proved with their Apartment in Berlin project. They have managed to design an outstanding contemporary apartment interior for their customers in Berlin without any personal contact and yet, the interior looks spot on.

This project is like a piece of music in which not a single note can be lost when there is nothing to remove, and there is nothing to add when everything is in its proper place.

We performed it without a single personal meeting for customers from Berlin. Experienced on working with designers, customers showed maximum interest and immersion in the details of the project, which made it possible to achieve an excellent result.

The main color motif in the project is the “cashmere” shade, which complements the calm shade of the tree in the form of parquet and veneered panels, darker shades of beige and brown. The calmness of the overall color scheme is favorably emphasized by matte bronze metal and various textured textiles of matting, flax and tweed. We avoided chrome and glossy surfaces in the project, with the exception of tinted glass. The luxury of this apartment is the harmony of natural textures and finely selected details.

Our main goal was to preserve the integrity of design in harmony of aesthetics and function. The composition of the family implies the existence of two children’s for girls with completely different characters, despite this we managed to sustain the general concept. In addition, each of the girls’ rooms reflects their individuality and preferences. One of them is imbued with love for music, creativity and black color, the other gentle and “doll”.

We paid great attention to the elaboration of light scenarios and lighting groups, which makes it possible to create a cozy evening atmosphere due to the warm glow of the backlighting, which has an important effect on our well-being and does not disturb the body’s consciousness, which is gradually preparing for rest.

Dezest Design


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